There are many court forms relating to the Colorado Red Flag Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO).  Some of them are linked here.  You can find all of them on the Colorado Judicial Branch website by CLICKING HERE.

JDF 573: PETITION FOR TEMPORARY ERPO – This is the first form that has to be filed with the court no matter who is filing.  It has the list of people who can petition as well as evidence required (questions asked). 

JDF 577: ERPO INFORMATION SHEET – This is the information the person asking the courts to have the firearms removed from another person has to provide to the court.

JDF 582: AFFIDAVIT OF COMPLIANCE AND ATTESTATION – This is the form someone who has been ERPO’d must file within two court days. 

JDF 583: AFFIDAVIT OF THE RESPONDENTS FAILURE TO COMPLY – If the person who was ERPO’d doesn’t file the JDF 582 form with two days, the petitioner can file this form. 

JDF 584: ORDER REGARDING RESPONDENTS FAILURE TO COMPLY – This is what the judge can order if the JDF 582 form isn’t filed.

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