Red Flag Resource Center is a project led by Colorado based civil rights activists and legal experts.  

The goal of the project is to connect citizens who have been falsely ERPO’d, ERPO’d for exercising their First Amendment rights, or ERPO’d with malicious intent, with the resources they need, as well as provide transparency to the public.  As part of the transparency effort, many different components of granted ERPO’s will be tracked.  This includes who is petitioning the court, which judges are granting them, what the accusations are, if and when evidence is required, how many and how often civil search warrants are issued, if and when firearms are returned, and more.

Colorado’s Red Flag ERPO law is one of the worst in the nation in regards to civil rights protections, and they are far too easy to obtain.  Because of this, mass fraud and abuse is anticipated.  In other states with newly implemented Red Flag laws, they are estimating 1 in 20 may have stopped violence or suicide, but there is no evidence that any violent behavior was prevented while violating the rights of 19 other individuals who did nothing wrong.  In states that have had Red Flag laws in effect for many years, violence and suicide has increased. Learn more about that on our FAQ page.

No matter who you are, if you learn of pending ERPO’s, if you or someone you know is ERPO’d, please contact us.  All information remains private and we will not be shared with any other party without permission.

If you’d like to make a financial contribution to this effort, visit our Donate page.